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About Het Davies

Name: Het Davies
Hometown: Heathton, Shropshire.
Position: International Sales.

What is your Favourite part of the job?

Getting feedback from customers when everything goes perfectly. Working at the shows as you get a great idea about what people think of the product.

How long have you worked for Albion?:

Since 2004

Riding Experience:

I have ridden since I was 4. Came up through Pony Club, and was regularly found out in the hunting field. I have previously competed up to intermediate level BE. Currently I have a young horse who will be eventing in 2010.

What is your favourite Albion product and why?

There are so many! The saddles are beautifully made and lovely to ride in, the bridles are superb quality and the horses seem to love them! The most versatile product has to be the balm- I use it on my tack, yard boots and all my shoes!


Hunting with the North Staffs – its amazing - grass fields and massive hedges, Sunday roasts.


The drive to work, it is not far but the traffic is terrible! The winter, dark mornings and nights.