13th Nov 2018

Albion’s leather care advice

Please don't strip me!

Leather, just like your own skin needs caring for, especially in very cold and hot weather. Every possible care has been taken by Albion England to ensure consistency and quality. Before using a product for the first time you must protect it.

Leather is a perishable material, if it is not cleaned and greased regularly the life expectancy of a product is greatly reduced. This will contribute to colour loss and premature ageing of stitching and leather.

The leather used to make Albion products needs to be carefully maintained to ensure it remains soft and supple for years to come. Do not use substances that contain alcohol or detergents to clean these products.

In order to keep leather equipment looking and feeling at its best, Albion has developed natural soap and balm cleaning products, both of which come with the Albion Quality Assurance, to increase the life expectancy of all new Albion products.

About our cleaning products

Albion Natural Leather Soap is made from all natural ingredients, is vegetable based and glycerine enriched. It is a mild soap, virtually pH neutral and free from detergents and chemicals that can damage leather. It leaves leather gleaming and protected.

Swiss Formula Leather Balm was first used 200 years ago to preserve saddlery leather in extreme climate conditions of damp and cold then heat and dryness found in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. Albion Balm penetrates and protects the leather.

Sweat along with excessive heat, sun damage, damp conditions and lack of maintenance are the most common causes of leather becoming dry, discoloured, brittle or cracked which greatly reduces the life of any leather product. Therefore daily cleaning is highly recommended. A carefully maintained product will feel soft and supple for years to come.

TIPS & TRICKS: Always store leather at room temperature.

For the best results we recommend

Before using your bridle, saddle or leather product for the first time you must protect it. A full application of a leather conditioning product, such as the Albion leather balm, is advisable.

For used products first remove the excess sweat and mud with a cloth dampened in tepid water, then follow the directions below.


Apply sparingly with a damp, not wet, cloth. Wipe off excess, buff and apply Albion Leather Balm as necessary.


Apply sparingly with a cloth or sponge regularly to leather that is clean and dry.


Includes leather soap, protective conditioner, sponges and bag.