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Our Tzar, K2 and K2 VSD GP saddles provide ultimate comfort for both horse and rider with the versatility provided through adjustable knee rolls and flaps which sit behind the shoulder. They are all suitable for any riding skill level and have been designed with purpose in mind.

Our three GP saddles offer ultimate comfort during longer periods of riding, meaning they are suitable for hacking, flatwork and some jumping. All these saddles are perfect for riders who are looking for comfort and support through different activities.

At Albion, we take great pride in providing high-quality products. Our extensive experience within the industry means that we can design and create first-class, exceptional GP saddles.

Whether you pick our Brown, Black or Dark Havana saddle, we will provide you with a high-quality luxurious GP saddle that is sleek and attractive. Made in Britain, our saddles offer a unique and modern piece of British craftsmanship for you and your horse.