23rd Nov 2022


Product Information

Designed in response to the demand for a streamlined and sleeker looking saddle, the Fabrento offers an indulgently soft and well balanced close contact seat to ensure maximum stability and comfort, while encouraging a supportive yet non-restrictive leg position courtesy of exterior thigh blocks. This mono-flap dressage saddle is crafted from hand-selected, supple calf leather. The narrower and slimmer cantle, together with the delicate detailing add to a refined appearance.

The revolutionary Fabrento Adjusta-Tree™ (evolved from Albion’s successful SLK tree), has been exclusively engineered to provide a secure fit with its more open head and lower profile, evoking a design suitable for riders seeking the complete close contact saddle. In addition, Adjusta-Tree™ technology allows for precision fitting as well as enhancing the service life of the saddle.

The unique, ergonomic wooden tree features a ‘Short Back Panel’ which complements the modern sports horse. This promotes maximum shoulder rotation whilst reducing loin pressure, permitting freedom of movement, resulting in a content and happy horse. A pure wool felt lining with natural wool stuffing offers essential cooling qualities, while the moulding around the back affords the highest level of comfort and improved weight distribution.

Albion offers a bespoke template fitting service on all Fabrento saddles. The highly skilled in-house team create trees which are manufactured specifically to an individual horse’s shape to ensure the best possible fit.


Materials: Full grain seat, knee pads & panel
Seat sizes: 16.5”, 17”, 17.5”, 18”
Tree fittings: Adjusta-Tree™ N, NM, M, MW, W, XW, T
Tree shape: Std, flat or hoop
Colours: Black, Brown (Special by request)
Seat profile: Deep (Soft seat optional extra)
Flap length: Standard, +1, +2, -1
Flap profile: Straight
Blocks: Fixed in one position
Block size: R30
Girth strapping: Point, behind points and V web
Panel contents: Pure wool felt lining with wool stuffing
Panel options: Std (SBP), thick.
Panel depth: 3″ gusset (std) or 3.5″ gusset

Fast Facts

• Mono-flap or dual flap options
• Adjusta-Tree™
• Short Back Panel
• Close contact
• Template Options
• Customisation
• Matching Accessories

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