14th Nov 2018

Fitting a snaffle bridle

Here are some key points to remember when fitting your
Albion KB Snaffle Bridle…

Make sure the browband is not too tight and is not pulling the headpiece onto the back of the ears. The current trend is for the browband to be slightly loose.

The throatlash must not be tight, as it will interfere with the breathing and collection. To ensure comfort there should be enough room to place a clenched fist between the side of the horse’s cheeks and throatlash.

The buckles of the cheek pieces and noseband should be parallel and slightly below the corner of the eye (to avoid damage in the event of the bridle pulling across the face), the arms of the cheeks and the noseband must lie behind the horse’s cheekbones.

The noseband must lay at least one finger or 1cm below the cheekbones avoiding the pressure point area. If the noseband is placed too high on the face it can cause great pain.

Over tightening cavesson and crank nosebands is unfortunately common practice and leads to excessive pressure on the face. A comfortable fit should allow 1 to 2 fingers between the noseband and face.

The pad on the back of the crank noseband fastening should not connect to the front of the noseband, as this can cause pinching.

The buckle of the cavesson noseband must sit comfortably at the back of the jaw, in-between the jaw bones to avoid creating a pressure point.

We recommend seeking professional advice regarding fitting all bits.