11th Nov 2018

Performance with Adjusta-Tree™

Performance at every level will be entirely influenced by the quality of the saddle fit and equipment.

Founded in 1985, internationally renowned British brand Albion England, is recognised as one of the most innovative saddle designers and manufacturers in the world. Through three decades of technology, Albion understands the direct correlation between correct ergonomic design, fit and comfort creating competition equipment dedicated to enhancing performance in all disciplines at all levels.

For over 30 years, Albion has resolved some very extreme saddle fitting issues, impressing some of the most successful Olympians, vets, physio’s, saddle fitters and other industry specialists to date with their scientific, logical and technical approach. They recommend without exception that all saddles and equipment are fitted by an experienced, preferably qualified saddle fitter to ensure the true potential of each and every horse is gained.

Albion is believed to be the first British manufacturer to design an adjustable precision engineered wooden saddle tree. The Adjusta-Tree™, launched in 2013, has been specifically designed for adjustment using pressure by a local Albion saddle fitter.

The Adjusta-Tree™ width can be altered without damage or distortion to the headplates or rivets of the tree assembly using Albion approved pressure systems, whilst remaining within the saddle. The metalwork is compliant to and exceeds the British Standard specification BS6635. Adjusta-Tree™ has been robustly engineered to withstand weight loading and pressure induced spread. It has been rigorously tested and proven by Albion’s own ‘in-house’ mechanical spread testing equipment and was further tested and proven by a specialist Independent Engineering Laboratory using approved heavy load testing systems.

Albion recommend without exception that all saddles and equipment are fitted by an experienced, preferably qualified, saddle fitter to ensure the true potential of the horse is gained through maximising comfort, balance, stability and freedom. This fantastic technology gives approved Albion saddle fitters a more refined, highly tuned approach to professional ‘precision saddle fitting’.

Comfort, balance, stability and freedom of movement for the horse can only be achieved through correct saddle fitting. Adjusta-Tree™ offers saddle fitters, owners and riders the ultimate fitting solution allowing precise adjustments to be made to the saddle when the horse changes shape.

ALL Albion tree’s are adjustable. Tree’s made between 1985 and 2013 (before Adjusta-Tree™) can be adjusted at Albion HQ by their highly skilled craftsmen. All Platinum saddles (launched in 2005) feature the unique Platinum tree’s which can be interchanged to another fitting by a working saddler or at Albion HQ. All current saddle ranges (except Platinum’s) contain Adjusta-Tree™ and can be pressure adjusted by a local Albion saddle fitter.