23rd Dec 2019

Albion’s Big Competition – Rhea Freeman

For our Big Competition, we’re sharing information each week, in the form of a blog, all about the different brands who have worked with us on our Big Competition. The prize haul, worth over £4k including a K3 saddle, is made up of products from eight different brands. And one of those prize contributors is Rhea Freeman who’s given a digital course for riders and a few one to one sessions too.

Rhea Freeman is a PR, marketing and social media expert who works in riders, brands and influencers in the equestrian and country sector. Rhea works with the British Equestrian Federation, the Royal Agricultural University and leading brands in addition to a number of riders in the equestrian space.

Over the last few years, Rhea’s focus has moved more into social media, where she spends a lot of time helping brands, riders and influencers use the platforms better. As a result of this, she created her Social Supercharge: Riders course, which is an online, digital course that helps riders use the platforms better, to help them attract what they want from it, whether this is brand ambassadorships, sponsors, owners… or just more people to follow along and see their story.

In addition to the course, Rhea also runs the free Small & Supercharged Facebook group for businesses and influencers in the equestrian and country space, a membership platform called Small & Supercharged Mastermind, and offers one to one sessions for riders, brands and influencers looking for tailored, specific advice. As part of the prize, Rhea is also offering three one to one sessions via Skype/Facetime, in addition to the course, to help them really accelerate their social media presence and business.

To find out more about Rhea, see www.rheafreemanpr.co.uk, or maybe tune into the Small & Supercharged Podcast that talks to a range of businesses in the equestrian and country space too.

And, to enter the competition, visit Albion’s Instagram at @albionsaddlemakers and enter on the image below! Good luck!

Full details for the competition including Terms & Conditions can be found here.