7th Mar 2019

When Albion went to Hiho & Co

We were delighted to be invited along to Hiho Silver’s Hiho & Co event in Somerset in February. Our own Annie Belton-Green went along to join in with the workshops (and ran into the lovely Alice Fox-Pitt there too!), and also took a range of our Lifestyle products for the groups to use in their styling sessions.

This is the second event that Hiho has run. It was created to allow people in the equestrian and country community to get together to learn new skills to help improve the content they create. There were lots of bloggers and small business owners there… and as there were a lot of riders there too, there was a LOT of love for Albion, which was so, so nice.

We were involved with the first event too and sent a box full of products for the groups to style, both in flat lays and, previously, in the styling sessions. This time the products were used in lots of images taken by the lovely people attending… and if you have a look at the #hihoandco hashtag on Instagram, you’re likely to spot a few of our products.

As mentioned above, Alice Fox-Pitt/Plunkett was also in attendance. She’s a Hiho ambassador and was involved in this capacity, taking part in the workshops and meeting new people.

“It was such a great event and it was lovely to meet so many people who were such big fans of us,” said Annie. “In the first workshop I was with Gems Gilbert, aka @gemeventing on Instagram, and it was great as we’d reposted one of her images of her riding in her Albion just a few days before! It was also really nice to catch up with Alice and have a chat about plans for the next few months with William. It’s all looking very exciting!”

But that wasn’t where Alice’s involvement ended. “When Hiho’s Andrew Ransford was chatting about the brands who were there, he kindly mentioned Albion and asked if I wanted to say a few words,” said Annie. “I invited anyone to come and ask me any questions during the day, but was incredibly touched to hear Alice speak about Albion to the people at the event. We’ve been a long time sponsor of William and team Fox-Pitt since William was 17, and to hear her speak with such passion about our relationship, our product, our loyalty and support was so kind.”

The day finished and the guests left with goody bags containing various amazing products from the companies involved, including a Duo Pot of Leather Balm and Leather Soap from us. And these are appearing a lot on the #hihoandco hashtag – so keep your eye peeled!

A big thanks to Hiho and the team for organising such a lovely day and inviting us along. Here’s to the next one!