Some of the feedback
we have received from our customers

"I have ridden in Albion saddles since I was little.

What I love about Albion is that I can design an incredible, individual saddle, with as much bling as I want, but still know that I am getting ultimate quality and comfort for me and my horses."

Alanna Clarke

"I have a hard time fitting saddles for me and my horses, but as soon as I rode in an Albion, I have never looked back - I love them!

They're so comfortable, they improve my riding position and I feel my horses move beautifully in them. I wouldn't ride in anything else."

Anna Buffini

"I ride in Albion because I like that when I first tried the saddles, my horses moved so much freer over their back, and looser in their movement, this is what I like to feel when I'm riding a horse. The saddles fit me and my horses very well, they're comfortable and I like how adjustable and adaptable they are."

Will Rawlin