11th Mar 2024

The Unity Series – UK Launch

Last week saw us host the UK launch of our brand new saddle range - The Unity Series.

With over two years of research and development going into the Unity Saddles, it was an honour to return to Hartpury University, where we carried out some of our early research and testing, to showcase this range among our VIP Guest List, which included saddle fitters, industry experts, media and our sponsored riders.

The day started with an in-depth presentation hosted by our Managing Director Cath Gordon, giving an insight into the objective behind the Unity Series, the involvement of our expert team of craftsmen and women, and the comprehensive research carried out to develop these saddles.

Following on from this we heard from guest speaker Dr Kathryn Nankervis of Hartpury University, who explained her early involvement in this project and the research she is carrying out on ‘saddle fit for the rider’. We also heard from Dr Pauline Martin head of the Research and Development team at the LIM Group discussing the data recorded during our ridden trials.

After the morning session we headed out to the arena for our guests to see the Unity Series Saddles in action!

We were joined by four lovely riders – two professional dressage riders and two Hartpury students, of these riders: two were riding in the Unity X saddle, and the other two were riding in the Unity Y.

A ridden demonstration was performed, and then each rider approached the audience to answer any questions about the saddles they were riding in (the riders had ridden in both the Unity X and the Unity Y).

Following the ridden assessment, guests were invited into the arena to take a closer look at the saddles on the horses backs, and speak to the riders and our team about the Unity Series, asking any questions they had.

The Unity Series - Uniting Horse and Rider.

The Unity saddles have been continuously developed following two years of research, along-side extensive clinical and field trials.

The data collected during our ridden trials found that when the rider is in the correct seat, X or Y, they have greater pelvic motion. When testing this with the timings of the horse, synchronisation of the motion between the horse and rider was drastically improved, creating UNITY.

The Unity Series is available in ‘X’ and ‘Y’ seat profiles for the rider, and ‘TB’ and ‘WB’ trees for the horse, for the ultimate in fine tuned precision fitting.

Discover the Unity Series below:

Unity X

Unity Y

And, to book a test ride in the Unity Saddles click here!