Warranty Information

Product Maintenance Essential Guidelines

Caring for Leather

Your Albion product is made from natural leathers. In order to keep it looking and feeling like new it must be cared for every time it is used. A carefully maintained product will feel soft and supple for years come. Leather is a perishable material. If it is not cleaned and greased regularly, the life expectancy of a product is greatly reduced and will contribute to colour loss and premature ageing of stitching and leather. Leather that is not cared for correctly will become discoloured, dry, brittle and will crack.

There are many reasons why leather becomes damaged. Sweat, excessive heat, sun damage, extremely damp conditions and complete lack of maintenance being the most common.

Before using your product for the first time you must protect it. For best results we recommend a light coating of Albion Luxury Leather Balm all over.

To clean your leather product, we recommend you follow the below steps:

  • First clean the excess sweat and dirt with cloth dampened in tepid water
  • Apply Albion’s Luxury Leather Soap sparingly with a damp cloth
  • Apply Albion’s Luxury Leather Balm sparingly with a cloth or sponge to leather that is clean and dry
  • Always store leather at room temperature

Please Note: Lack of maintenance will invalidate your warranty.


Caring for Textiles

Please follow the care instructions as indicated on the label attached to each product.

Warranty Details

Albion products carry a comprehensive warranty that covers faulty materials and bad workmanship. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, approved warranty replacement or repair will be carried out as necessary, free of charge to yourself upon:

  • Proof of original purchase
  • Acceptance of examination by authorised persons
  • Any unauthorised repairs or alterations will automatically cancel this warranty



Saddle trees comes with a 5-year warranty for breakage while subject to normal usage and conditions. All other saddle components come with a 2-year warranty for manufacturing errors or component defects, this warranty does not cover wear and tear.

All adjustments to Albion trees must be carried out by authorised persons only.

  • ‘Adujsta-tree’™ is suitable for pressure machine adjustment
  • Platinum trees are suitable for interchangeable adjustment
  • All other trees must be returned to the Albion factory for adjustment

Please Note: Our panels are filled with pure new wool and are stuffed to a medium consistency in order to mould naturally to the shape of the horses back. We recommend that a new saddle is checked after approximately 12 weeks as the wool will settle to the horse’s shape. All wool flocked saddles should be completely re-flocked after 2 to 3 years of use.


All other Products

All other leather Albion products come with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing errors or component defects only. Our warranty does not cover abuse, neglect, lack of maintenance or wear and tear.


Faulty Goods

If you discover the goods are faulty, you must notify us of the defect within 7 days of the date of delivery or within a reasonable period of time of discovery (if the defect was not readily apparent).

For faulty goods we will offer a replacement of the item or a full refund.